International Women’s Day event in Hewad High School of RAWA
March 8, 2009

On March 8, 2009, students of Hewad High School, RAWA's school for Afghan refugees in Pakistan, celebrated the International Women's Day in a colorful function. A group of sincere Japanese supporters of RAWA, Friends of RAWA - Japan, also attended the event. Yoshiko Kiryu, one of the supporters read a warm message from their group in the function.

Teacher speaking

A teacher of the school spoke about the condition of women throughout the world and the need for the struggle of women to get their rights.

A student speaking

A student of the school talked about the present horrible condition of women under the Karzai government and US invasion. Two other students gave speeches on the history of 8th March and the crimes against women under fundamentalists' rule (1992-2001). In addition two poems in Pashto language and two in Farsi were also recited by students.

RAWA students singing patriotic song

A group of RAWA's school students performed a song on the plight of the country.
RAWA orphanage children singing patriotic song

RAWA's school children sing patriotic song.

Students performing play

A play was performed by the students portraying the domestic violence women and young girls undergo in the society.

Students doing national dance

Girls and boys did the national dance of Afghanistan, the Attan.

Youtube video of Afghanistan's national dance by RAWA students:

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