Emma Humphries Memorial Prize 2001
London, Oct.6, 2001

Emma Humphries Memorial Prize is an annual award given to individuals and organizations who have worked on, campaigned against and raised awareness of violence against women. It is organized by Justice for Women in memory of Emma who was imprisoned for life for killing her brutal pimp. She was released on appeal and after a nationwide campaign by Justice for Women. She died shortly after her release.

Although this prize is usually given to people based in Britain, we are awarding a special Judge's prize to RAWA for the heroic work that is being done on the ground in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We felt that it was particularly important at this time, given the current international situation, that your work should be widely discussed and acknowledged.

We are holding a prize giving ceremony on 6 October 2001 in London which is also the 10th anniversary of Justice for Women.

Rahila Gupta
A judge on the Emma Humphries Memorial Prize

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