The Engine of Ignorance and Fanaticism:
The Talibanís (and other fundamentalistsí) Intellectual Pabulum

The French writer and philosopher, Pascal, is quoted as having said, "No crime is too heinous to commit, and no heinous crime is as gleefully committed as when the perpetration thereof is sanctioned and justified by religious belief." He must have been talking about Islamic fundamentalists and their deeds in places like Algeria and Afghanistan.

A wild Taliban

These semi-wild people who until yesterday were making a living on aliens and in mosques and know nothing about science, history, economy, etc. are trying to seize power. Is there a more unfortunate nation in the world where such creatures dare to claim themselves leaders of the people?
The Taliban of Afghanistan, like their brethren in Algeria, are the acme of superstition, ignorance, obscurantism and pious cruelty. They thrive on all that is backward; their arrogance is based on ignorance, their drive and stamina on superstition (and dollars). With superstition (as with dollars) every now and then a shot in the arm is needed to keep the adrenalin flowing. Such a shot in the arm was recently concocted in Kabul: posters entitled "Grand Felicitations to the Taliban of Afghanistan" were recently (late summer 1997, just before the unsuccessful push towards Mazar-i-Sharif) posted around the city, proclaiming an inspiring dream providing enlightenment to all what the Talibanís primitive intellects could possibly ponder over. The content and message of the dream is officially and in all solemnity regarded as authoritative as a scientific symposiumís final report. Below we give a translation of the proclamation:

h t t p : / / w w w . r a w a . o r g