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April 26, 1998 - Islamabad: Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Gauhar Ayub Khan, plays the conciliator as he brings delegation leader of the Taliban Wakil Ahmad Mutawakil (L) and Northern Alliance leader Fazal Hadi Shinwari (R) together before the talks which had no positive result as usual.
But they don't know that the question in our country is not creating "peace and brotherhood" among the criminal fundamentalists; the question is to end the domination and influence of these criminals in the political affairs of Afghanistan.

NNI News agency reported on April 21, 1999:
"Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while passing through Afghan air space on his way to Russia sent a message to the Taliban supreme leader, Mulla Mohammad Omar Mujahid. The message has conveyed best wishes of the government and people of Pakistan to Omar, Islamic Emirate and people of Afghanistan. Nawaz hoped that the people of Afghanistan would make great achievements under the leadership of Mulla Mohammad Omar."