RAWA orphans hold a function

On Oct, 8, 2002, RAWA orphanages in Rawalpindi (Pakistan) jointly held a function to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of RAWA orphanages. In 1986 in the same date Meena, the founding leader of RAWA, established the first RAWA orphanage in Quetta of Pakistan. Since then RAWA has established many orphanages in Pakistan and inside Afghanistan to take care of ill-fated Afghan orphans, who are great in number due to 2 decades of war.

The function was an initiative of RAWA orphans and was attended by over 300 people including some RAWA foreign supporters from Italy, Japan, Canada and the US, tens of RAWA orphans, teachers of RAWA schools, doctors, nurses and other staff of Malalai Hospital of RAWA and a number of RAWA other activists.

The function was addressed by 3 foreign guests of RAWA, some staff of the orphanages. Groups of orphans presented poems, patriotic songs, a theatric play, Karate show, traditional dance and other performances.

RAWA members distributed certificate of honor to in-charges of RAWA orphanages who had done good job in taking care of the orphans.

Here are some photos of the function. Click on each thumbnail to view the larger photo and its description.

There were around 300 participants in the function Orphan girls presented some Karate shows Debora Picchi, Italian supporter of RAWA function of RAWA orphans A theatric play depicting the inhuman nature of the fundamentalists
A group of orphans presented patriotic songs A theatric play was presented by the orphans Carol Mark a Canadian supporter of RAWA Students raised slogans of RAWA A scene of the function
An Afghan supporter of RAWA speaking in the function A scene of the play performed by girls RAWA supporter speaking in the function A group of orphans perform traditional dance of Afghanistan Birthday of 3 orphans was also celebrated at the end of the function

RAWA photos, October 8, 2002

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