Life under fundamentalists

Justice Taliban style

Justice Taliban style: The father of a Pakistani murder victim shoots the alleged Afghan murderer, Mohammadullah, with the blessings of the Taliban authorities in Khost, Paktia Province, Afghanistan. (summer 1996)

The dead body of Mohammadullah after his execution.

Two generations united ingrief and agony: The only two survivors of a family killed in the crossfire of fundamentalist in-fighting in Kabul. (August 24, 1992)

Gift of the Islamic Revolution to Afghan women

Courtesy of the "Islamic Revolution": Women are sub-humans under fundamentalists of all hues and colours. This family has no male bread winner; the Taliban will not allow her to work. This is the only way she can 'earn a living'. The future of her children is the ultimate future of all Afghans under fundamentalists.

A old man with his children

A bereaved man who lost most family members and all his property to inter-fundamentalist dog-fightings reduced to begging to save his three children from death through cold and starvation. (Kabul, winter 1995)

All her family member were killed

The only life she knows: A girl of 10 shows what is left to her after her family members were killed during fighting among criminal fundamentalists in Kabul. (October 1992)

April 2, 1995: The decomposed body of a father with his baby on his chest, were among the 18 corpses of executed Afghans removed from two mass graves in the Medical Faculty of Kabul University. Fundamentalists whipped up ethnic hatreds and perpetrated gruesome mass killings since their very first days of coming to power in April 1992. No fundamentalist party is innocent of such heinous crimes. (RAWA photo)

The hangmen of Iran-backed Hezb-e-Wahdat dumped the bodies of their ethnic-hatred campaign after torturing them to death. (RAWA photo)

Shukria, mother of four, was gang-raped to death by fundamentalist savages "fighting for the promotion of the Word of Allah". She was abducted on May 23, 1993 and her blood-drenched semi-naked body was found after 55 days in Khairkhana, Kabul.

Three alleged thieves were publicly hanged by the Rabbani "government" in Kabul in an effort to show the public that they could maintain law and order. One of the doomed men declared minutes before being suspended that he was a small fry whose execution was being used as a smoke screen for the big fry to get away and absolve themselves of the wave of crime that was sweeping Kabul.

(Summer 1995)

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