Women-Burning Under Taliban Rule
Payam-e-Zan, No.51 June 1999
As another incident in the sequence of women burning, on Aug.27,1998 Rahela, daughter of Abdolsalam, was burned by his husband Adam Khan. One night Adam Khan, the father of three children by Rahela who was pregnant at the time, was beating up one of his children. Rahela intervened and wanted to prevent her husband from hitting the child. Adam Khan became angry and started another fight with Rahela the following morning and beat her up severely. Then, he poured some gasoline over her and set fire to her. Rahela died in the hospital two days later.

Adam Khan in being imprisoned by the Taliban for now, but people know well that he will be released after a few months, like Abdolali Kohdanak.

-- Mastoora


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