Reuters, Nov.1, 2001

Afghans to hold talks with peace envoy

By Jack Redden

A delegation of RAWA met Mr. Brahimi and his team in Islamabad. RAWA photo

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - U.N. Afghan envoy Lakhdar Brahimi will hold talks today with Afghans arriving from inside the battered country to discuss replacing the Taliban leaders.

"He will be meeting with Afghans from inside Afghanistan," said U.N. spokesman Eric Falt on Thursday. "We cannot disclose who for obvious reasons."

Falt said Brahimi also would meet representatives of RAWA, the Revolutionary Afghan Women's Association, a group of Afghan women who have opposed human rights abuses by all military groups in the battered country.

RAWA has gained fame for sending women on daring missions into the country, photographing Taliban abuses to publicise them to the rest of the world. Pictures of public executions have come almost exclusively from RAWA, which defies the official ban on photography.

Brahimi had met women working for other non-governmental humanitarian organisations on Wednesday who complained they face abuse under the Taliban.



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