The News International, Oct.19, 2005

RAWA donates blood for quake victims

Bureau report

A group of RAWA women who donated blood PESHAWAR: Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) Tuesday donated blood to the earthquake victims in NWFP and Azad Kashmir.

A RAWA’s spokeswoman, Saima, who had brought 35 volunteers at the Welfare Hand Organization, a charitable NGO, working for the Thalessemia patients said since they could not provide financial assistance to the victims due to weak financial position, they could help their brothers and sisters in this difficult time with their blood.

“We can only donate blood to our brothers and sisters,” she said adding that by donating blood, our organization wanted to share our sympathies with the people of Pakistan. “RAWA is always with the people of Pakistan and will be offering its blood to them in future also,” she said.

Majority of the RAWA volunteers were the students searing school uniforms and that was whey the WHO management refused to get blood from them due to their minor age and weight. Saima said she could not stop them when she demanded blood for the victims. Each and every one of them wanted to donate blood.

Criticizing Afghan President, she said Hamid Karzai was announcing donation for Pakistan only to show it to the world that every thing was OK in his war torn country.

The chief of WHO Mian Attique said that his organization had already sent 300 bags of screened blood to the victims and would send more.

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