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Rise in beggary rooted in Afghan civil war

The Frontier Post, April 12,1998

The years-long civil war, use of deadly weapons and landmines in Afghanistan has not only compelled the people on migration from their homeland but also made them disabled having no source of income except begging.

The beggars mostly children, could be seen on road sides, in parks, bus-stands, Railway station, hospitals, courts yards, hotels, near cinema houses, bazaars and in local transports. Majority of them are below 10 years. An eight years old Amar Khan told The Frontier Post that his family has no other source of income except his begging. He said that he belonged to Afghanistan and was presently residing on Warsak Road with his family. I have no brother and my father has been killed in war so I am compelled to beg he added.

He informed that he earns Rs 70 to 130 per day. I am very fond of getting knowledge but I can not go to school because if I start going school who would feed my six-member family, Amar added.

Amar lost his foot due to landmine in Afghanistan when he was only two years old. He said that he wanted to join any other profession due to rebuking of people but he could not do so as he was so young.

Amar wished that as soon as he become mature, getting a respectable job would be his first priority as he has fed up with begging.

It is pertinent to mention here that apart from children a number of female could be seen begging, majority of them young girls. Though they are compelled on begging as they have no alternate source of income as they have lost their family male members during civil was, but this practise of income is affecting the moral of the society resulting in increase of immoral activities.

I am begging though some are involved in prostitution said Mst Marifat a 30 years old Afghani beggar in annoyed mood. She said that her husband was died some two years back in Afghanistan and she had three school going children. Replying a question that why she did not seek any house job, nursing of wealthy babies, Marifat said that in early days she tried for job but the people wanted her as a keep so she gave preference to begging than any job.

Marifat said that she avoided second marriage for the good future of her three children a son and two daughters. She added that she was not aware of her future whether it would be good or bad and she was not paying attention to it but wanted to save the future of her children.

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