CIA responsible for terrorism, Says Babar

The Frontier Post, May 5, 2000

PESHAWAR (online) - Former interior minister, Major General (Retd) Naseerullah Babar, has held American CIA responsible for fomenting terrorism. “CIA itself introduced terrorism in the region and is only shedding crocodiles tears to absolve itself of the responsibility”, he said.

Talking to this news agency here on Thursday, he said the CIA brought ‘extremist’ Arabs including Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan and extended maximum co-operation to them for fighting against the former Soviet Union forces in Afghanistan and after achieving its aims the US intelligence outfit was branding them as terrorists.

Dawn, Jan 5, 2003

Christina Lamb recalls her encounters with Gen. Hameed Gul, the former chief of the ISI in her book "The sewing circles of Heart: My Afghan years":

…. One of Zia's Islamic generals, Gul was a committed member of the Muslim Brotherhood which supplied most of the Arab volunteers. And was determined to see a fundamentalist government in Kabul and then in Pakistan. To him the man to do that was Gulbaddin Hekmatyar and he was blatantly using American money and arms to support those leaders that were most anti-west, spuriously arguing that they were the best fighters.

I asked him about his contacts with Osama bin Laden. "You know it was the CIA that first introduced me to bin Laden," he replied, "They were very fond of him -a man who's a millionaire coming to fight in a dirty war with his bare hands. They told me with pride how he was digging tunnels -the very ones they are now blowing up. Before that, to me he was just one of 28,000 foreigners who came to fight in Afghanistan. I first met him in Sudan in 1993 and he struck me as a very simple, sensitive man."

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