The News International, June 26, 2004

Afghan women association awarded

CALIFORNIA: The Soroptimist International of Santa Barbara, California, has awarded the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) its' "Advancing the Status of Women" award of 2004.

A plaque, engraved and mounted on wood was received on the behalf of RAWA by Briana Lawrie, the Executive Director of RAWA Supporters group of Santa Barbara, says a press release. A large number of RAWA's sympathizers and supporters attended the ceremony.

In the same function, a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the US Congress and a Certificate of Recognition from the California Legislature Assembly were also given to RAWA by the representatives of the US Congress and California Legislature Assembly. They valued RAWA efforts for betterment of women's rights in Afghanistan and its uncompromising fight for freedom and democracy in Afghanistan.

RAWA has already received many such awards, certificates and an Honorary Doctorate for its outstanding achievements and struggle for freedom, democracy and women's rights.

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