The translation of a song which was sung at one of RAWA’ s functions.

Arise Oh Women
Take up your flags
As a flood of wrath and hatred
We must go to war
Breaking the chains of slavery
Kindle your shining struggle
Do not delay
Call on the land of blood
In this era
Arise Oh women as a flood
Against the enemies
The flag of our freedom
With democracy as its emblem
Is shining like a burning sun
In this burnt land
Let us, Oh sister and mother
To heal the injured heart of the motherland
And uproot the enemy.
You must know who the enemy is.
If there is conscience and honor
It is unworthy to live in silence.
Nobody comes to help us
Unless we all arise.
The sapling of Women’s struggle
Will surely be watered.
In the name of Afghan dignity
Arise Oh women
As a rock of faith
As Meena.
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