Arabs arrive in Afghanistan to help Taliban, Osama

NNI, January 16, 2000

ISLAMABAD (NNI): A number of Arab criminals have arrived in Afghanistan to assist the ruling Taliban and Osama bin Laden, reports Radio Tehran.

According to the radio, these Arabs had been expelled from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for illegally staying there. They were later sent to Afghanistan. Earlier reports suggested that they were the Afghans but now it has come to know that they were Arabs involved in different crimes.

They have reportedly been sent to Afghanistan under a deal to strengthen the ranks of the Taliban and supporters of Saudi national Osama bin laden who has taken refuge in the war-ravaged Afghanistan.

One of such Arabs and a Saudi national Ali Abdul Razzak Al-Tai has said that he has not voluntarily arrived in Afghanistan rather was registered as an Afghan at Dubai airport by the Taliban embassy and later sent to Afghanistan. He said the Taliban embassy in Emirates prepares documents of Afghan nationality for such persons who are later provided with letters from the foreign ministry to freely move in that country.

Ali Abdul Razzak who hails from Al- Badia tribal area of Saudi Arabia had been arrested in the United Arab Emirates for illegally entering into that country one and a half years ago and was later sent to Afghanistan being an Afghan as a result of bilateral agreement. He said that Afghans themselves are not terrorists but Saudi Arabia, UAE and number of other countries have turned Afghanistan into a terrorist camp, the broadcast said.

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