RAWA demonstration to mark April 28, the Black Day of seizure of Kabul by the fundamentalists
April 28,1999 - Islamabad

hundreds of women and girls participated at the demonstration
Some 400 women and girls attended the RAWA protest procession
The participants were carrying large posters depicting the destruction and devastation and violation of human rights in Afghanistan
A large number of war widows and orphans were among the participants
A large number of war widows and orphans were among the participants
Children of RAWA schools also chanted slogans demanding restoration of human rights in Afghanistan.
The demonstrators were addressed by RAWA activists amidst slogans chanted against Taliban and Jehadi fundamentalists.
Gathering in front of the United Nations Headquarters in Islamabad, RAWA members handed a RAWA statement to the concerned officials and demanded that the UN use all means and resources to put an end to gross human rights violations in Afghanistan by the  fundamentalists.
Participants carried banners and placards in Pashtu, Persian, Urdu and English inscribed with slogans denouncing Taliban and all fundamentalist bands.
A large number of Afghan refugee women in Islamabad joined the protest rally.

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