RAWA Marks Black Day of April 28
Apr. 28, 2003 - Islamabad

To mark the Black Day of seizure of Kabul by the criminal fundamentalists in April 28, 1992, RAWA staged a demonstration in Islamabad.

Among the participants there were a large number of women from inside Afghanistan, who were witnesses of the Northern Alliance unprecedented brutalities against our people from 1992-96. They chanted slogans condemning reinstallation of the NA criminal warlords in Kabul.

One of the slogans in Farsi: "Without separation of religion from state, securing human rights will not be possible"

A group of RAWA's Japanese supporters from ICTA also joint RAWA's protest rally to show their solidarity with Afghan people.

Hundreds of women and girls participated in the demo.

A RAWA spokesperson talking with a UN official in front of the UN office. She presented a memorandum asking the UN to play a more active role in Afghanistan to control the warlords.

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