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RAWA protest rally on black day of April 28
April 28, 2002

DAWN, April 29, 2002

RAWA demands democratic govt in Afghanistan

By A Reporter

RAWALPINDI, April 28: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) held a rally here on Sunday against the interim setup and demanded establishment of a democratic government in the war-torn country.

A large number of people, mostly women and children, had come from various refugee camps, Kutcha Abadis of the town cities of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar and many cities of Afghanistan, including Kandahar and Kabul, to participate in the rally which started from Committee Chowk on Murree Road and culminated at Marrir Chowk.

The participants of the rally chanted slogans like "April 28 is gloomier than April 27", the Soviet Union had entered Afghanistan on April 27 and the Mujahideen on April 28.

They also raised slogans in favor of the arrival of former king Zahir Shah in Afghanistan as well as for the establishment of a democratic government there.

The rally distributed the flow of traffic on Murree Road for about half-an-hour.

Speaking on the occasion, RAWA chief organizer Nida Hameed said the inclusion of Northern Alliance in the new government of Afghanistan posed a serious threat to the country's security and its people's fundamental rights.

Ms Hamid said the NA, Najib, Mujahidin and Taliban governments were all foreign agents. The people of Afghanistan could never bear the presence of any of these people in the new government, she added.

She termed Hamid Karzai a peace-loving man and advised him to expose the NA as the "extremists and fundamentalists" that they were. She said, "Gulbudin, Rabbani, Sayyaf, Fahim and Khalili were bloody, treacherous and corrupt people." Their press agents, she added, would fail in their efforts to keep the world in dark about the tyrannies perpetrated by these people while in power.

Ms Hameed stressed the need for deployment of UN forces in all parts of Afghanistan. It was the only way to maintain peace and conduct general elections in the country, she maintained.

RAWA member Suhaila told this scribe that the association's aim was to influence the new government to reserve maximum Loya Jirga seats for women who constitute half of the country's population.

She said, in Afghanistan, women were still treated like animals due to the tribal system, warlords and male chauvinism.

Talking about Taliban, NA and other Jihadis warlords, she added, "women were widowed because of these people who compelled them to quit jobs, stay at homes and use burqa." "They burnt the revolutionary literature and were responsible for the current plight of our women," she added.

The Khyber Mail, April 29, 2002

RAWA observes black day

Khyber Mail Report

PESHAWAR: Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) held a protest rally in Rawalpindi to mark the Black-Day against the takeover of Kabul by Taliban in April 28, 1992.

Large number of demonstrators belonging of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and activists living in other parts of the country joined the rally. The demonstrators were carrying placards, photos, banners, posters and the portraits of martyred Meena. The banners displayed with the slogans "Freedom and Democracy",

"The Northern Alliance should be brought to justice", and " April 28 is odious than April 27".

Online photo RAWALPINDI: Women activists of Revolutionary Afghan Women Associations (RAWA) chanting slogans & demanding the holding of elections in Afghanistan under aegis of UN for restoration of democratic order and improvement in law and order situation in the country during a demonstration at Murree Road. — ONLINE PHOTO
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RAWA planned to stage demonstration in Islamabad but local authority rejected their entrance into the city, and the rally was staged on the Murree Road, Rawalpindi.

They demanded of the international community to pressurise the Northern Alliance and asked the UN to send peacekeeping forces to other parts of Afghanistan to bring end to inhuman acts.

A RAWA activist, on this occasion, stated that re-emergence of Northern Alliance on the scene of power have resulted in wiping of any foreseeable hope of peace in Afghanistan. She maintained that from 1992 to 1996, it was lesson a learned for world community, adding the so-called leaders crushed the innocent people of Afghanistan in the name of ethnicity, religion and cast. The Kabul City was turned into rubble with heavy bombardment and rocketing, the activist mentioned.

She was critical of the role Northern Alliance and said that they could not washed away the bitter memories of the people while raising the slogans of democracy and women rights.

A statement distributed in the protest rally, written in Pashto and Persian, stated that women currently appointed in Hamid Karzai Interim government and Loya Jirga could not represent the majority of the suffering women.

They also warned Karzai about the evil designs of Northern Alliance, who were trying to keep away Karzai from them, reminded him that participation of bereaved women would help government in achieving their desired results.

The News International, April 29, 2002

RAWA rally condemns Taliban, HRs violations

Shakeel Anjum

RAWALPINDI: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) observed 28th April as the black day when, what they call, the fundamentalist element seized power in Kabul. The RAWA took out a protest rally in Rawalpindi and raised slogans against the Afghan fundamentalists.

Initially, the RAWA planned to stage a protest rally in Islamabad but the local administration did not give them the permission, the RAWA activist told this correspondent. So the RAWA staged a protest rally in Rawalpindi. As many as 1,000 women and girls arrived here from Peshawar and other cities of Pakistan and nearby provinces of Afghanistan to participate in the demonstration, a RAWA representative said.

The demonstrators, carrying banners and placards in Pushto, Persian, Urdu and English, gathered at Committee Chowk and chanted slogans against the Taliban and other fundamentalists of Afghanistan. Some of the banners said "neither the Taliban, nor Jihadids, we want freedom and democracy", "collaboration with fundamentalists is a treachery", "the Northern Alliance should be brought to justice".

Some of the activists of RAWA delivered speeches and strongly condemned the inhuman activities during the Taliban regime. They urged the international community to send peacekeeping force to stop the brutalities of the Northern Alliance (NA) commanders.

The speakers said the reemergence of the NA in different parts of Afghanistan has crushed the hopes of the Afghan people fro peace. They said that NA should remember the years between 1992 to 1996, when Gulbadin Hekmatyar group turned Kabul to rubbles with indiscriminate bombing, when the Mazari-Khalili groups were taking out the eyes of non-Hazara, when Sayyaf group was driving nails into the heads of Hazaras, and when Rabbani-Masoud group slaughtered the inhabitants of Afshar and other residents of Kabul.

The demonstrators distributed a number of brochures in English and Persian against the Taliban and fundamentalists during the rally. The participants of the rally dispersed near the Jang building on the Muree road.

News Network International (NNI), April 29, 2002

RAWA holds protest rally on Black day

RAWALPINDI: To condemn the Black Day of entrance of the criminal fundamentalists in Kabul in April 28,1992, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) took out a protest rally at Rawalpindi on Sunday.

In April 28, 1992, after the fail of the Russian puppet regime, brutal fundamentalist jehadi forces took power in Afghanistan and prevailed a reign of terror, rape, looting and destruction. Over 50,000 people were killed only in Kabul from 1992-96 when the jehadi fundamentalists were replaced by ultra-fundamentalist Taliban.

But today again the same criminal jehadi forces, instead of appearing in an international court as war criminals, have key positions in the interim government and trying to destabilize the situation.

RAWA planned to stage the demonstration in Islamabad but when police rejected to allow the entrance of the participants to the city, they marched in Murree Road - Rawalpindi. They stared the demo from Committee Chowk and gathered for a while near Jang building.

The demonstrators numbering around 1,000 women and girls arrived from Peshawar and some other cities of Pakistan and nearby provinces of Afghanistan. Some refugee Afghan women in Islamabad and Rawalpindi also jointed the demo. The demonstrators carried large photos depicting the destruction and devastation in Afghanistan and portraits of Martyred Meena, together with banners and placards in Pashtu, Persian, Urdu and English.

A number of RAWA activists raised cue slogans, which were responded with fervor by participants in the march. Some of the slogans on the banners were: "Neither the Taliban nor the Jehadies, Freedom and Democracy", "Collaboration with any of the fundamentalists is equivalent to treachery", "The Northern Alliance should be brought to justice", "April 28 odious than April 27".

A RAWA activist delivered a speech in which she urged the international community to pressurize the Northern Alliance and asked the UN to send peacekeeping forces to other parts of Afghanistan to stop the recent brutalities of the Northern Alliance commanders.

She stated: "The re-emergence of the Northern Alliance criminals in different parts of our country, crushed all hopes of our people for peace. The Northern Alliance need to remember the years 1992 to 1996 when they were in power; when the execrable Golbodin Hekmatyar gang turned Kabul to rubble with their daily indiscriminate bombardment and rocketing; when the infamous Mazari-Khalili gang were gouging out the eyes of non-Hazaras; when the vile Sayyaf gang were driving 6-inch nails into the heads of Hazaras and broiling them alive in metal containers; when the perfidious Rabbani-Massoud gangs slaughtered the inhabitants of Afshar and other residential areas in Kabul and whitewashed the faces of all murderers, rapists and looters in history in terms of the barbarity and infamy. The Northern Alliance should know that the bleeding wounds they have inflicted upon the people of Afghanistan during all the years of their jihadi rule of gore and infamy are too open, too painful, to allow any posturing of democratic baptism and conversion to belief in human rights on their part to be taken as anything but an added insult to the people who have suffered so much at their hands. Such posturing and talk of "democracy" and "women's rights" cannot wash away or hide their innate fundamentalist-terrorist nature."

A statement in Persian and English was largely distributed during the rally. Parts of the statement says:

"After the transfer of power to Mr. Karzai, RAWA again warned that the criminals of the Northern Alliance would blemish his government and consequently people will lose faith in his administration. We also stated that it would be only by distancing himself from them and putting them on trial that our people, especially our bereaved women, will feel safe and free and the reconstruction of our devastated land will take its prescribed path."

"… until such time as even one person belonging to the criminal Jehadi parties is part of the present government, this government is scarred and flawed. The developments subsequent to September 11 not only did not free our country, they drove the Taliban wolves through one door and ushered in the rabid dogs of the Northern Alliance through the other. The women currently holding posts in the government and active in the Loya Jirga process, etc. all are suspect, cowardly, and subservient to the interests of fundamentalist parties; and as such cannot represent the majority of suffering Afghan women."

"Our people consider their freedom from the sordid chains of fundamentalism and the reconstruction of Afghanistan over the graves of the Taliban and the Northern Alliance hangmen as their foremost priority; they will never again allow the nefarious days of April 27 and 28 to be repeated."

The Frontier Post, April 29, 2002

Women in Afghanistan not yet free: RAWA

Shujaat Ali Khan

RAWALPINDI: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) held a demonstration here on Sunday saying that women in Afghanistan are not yet free as the Northern Alliance, which RAWA termed agents are still in Afghanistan and until and unless thy are destroyed for ever, the RAWA will never be able to see the freedom after three decades of catastrophe and destruction.

RAWA, working actively for the rights and liberation of Afghan women outside the county across the world is organising various activities and the Sunday demonstration was in connection when the Jehadi organizations came into power in Afghanistan on April 28th, 1992.

The RAWA is considering the 28th April as odious than April 27th.

The demonstration was scheduled to be held at the federal capital but was not allowed on the eve of the referendum and then shifted to Marri road, Rawalpindi, twin city of the capital.

A group of Peshawar based journalists was taken to the demonstration venue.

The RAWA female leaders, including Saima and Sohaila led the demonstration.

They were protesting and complaining that Afghan women especially and the population particularly not feeling safe and secure and needs life security for which the Karzai interim administration is still failed.

The RAWA on the occasion issued a declaration saying that after the transfer of powers to Karzai, RAWA again warned that the criminals of the Northern Alliance will blemish the his government and as a result people will lose faith on him (Karzai).

It also stated that it is only by rejecting and then putting then on trial that our people, especially our bereaved women, will feel safe and free and thus the reconstruction of the devastated land of Afghanistan will take its normal track.

The declarative statement further added fortunately now it is not RAWA but Karzai himself that, despite being surrounded by the Northern Alliance hangmen, cries.

Karzai admitted during his visit to the Northern Nahrin area, where an earthquake killed about 800 people, the main request was not for government relief assistance but for greater security.

“ People even there were not asking for anything else but security and peace”, Karzai quoted.

The statement described that when in 1992,RAWA for the first time, raised the slogan of “28th of April is gloomier than 27th of April”, the fundamentalist criminals showed their teeth and with the most unchaste manners, while attacking and threatening us, used whatever they had in their bag of abuses and unchastely in order to demean and defame RAWA.

But as far as RAWA didn’t afraid of the threats of the terrorists of the gangs of Rabbani, Masoud, Sayyaf, Gulbadeen, Khalili and Co and as well as the stink of their treasonous and rascalities spread out, more people found the correctness and suitability of this slogan.

The world community also took notice that those who, after the collapse of the puppet regime, had been instated in the reign of power from 1992 to 1996, are nothing but professional criminals.

Consequently the attacks, intimidation’s and barks of these terrorist bands against RAWA also diminished.

Once again, at the time when RAWA, with the cooperation of some educational and athletic foundations organized a festival to celebrate Afghan new year (Nawrooz), a number of these terrorist rascals issued some threatening letters in the name of “Baheer” in the Wahdat newspaper and also distributed clandestine papers against RAAWA and our artist and athlete compatriots which before being heard and taken serious by any one vaporized in their own mouth.

Worth mentioning if it wasn’t for Nahrin earthquake, we definitely would hold a very splendid musical show which we had already organised for the occasion.

The presence of more than thirteen thousands people in the festival was a strong hick on the mouth of religious fascists.

No need to mention that the Aid Delegation of RAWA which has been dispatched to the area has heard more shocking and saddening calls for protection and security.

These statements before everything else prove the claims of RAWA that until one of the persons that belong to the criminal Jehadi parties is part of the present government, the government, is scarred and flawed.

The 11th Sep. incidents not only didn’t free our country but it caused the withdrawal of Taliban wolves from one door and the entrance of the rabid dogs of the Northern alliance from another.

The women that are working in government and are active in Loya Jirga process, etc all are suspicious cynical and more over dependent to the fundamentalist parties and therefore they cannot represent the majority of the suffered Afghan women but work as dangerous agents of the said gangs in order to hinder the establishment of a stable government which is based on democratic values.

The publication of numerous base and meaningless publications in Kabul which are in one way or the other in collaboration with Rabbani, Masood gang and the attack of Rabbani, Masood gangsters on bookshops which sell Payam-e-Zan (Women’s Message) and other publications of RAWA is not the sign of freedom of press but the mockery and roguery of this very basic democratic value.

The assassins of Abdul Rehman are still active as ministers and chief of the army staff, etc.

The arrest of the terrorists that belong to “brother in command” Gulbaddeen by the Khad of Fahim and Co is only a quarrel between criminal “religious brothers” and is an attempt to cover their own plots and thus fortify their base in government.

The act doesn’t have any connection with the call of our people for the trial of the said distracters.

The trial and sentence of Gulbaddeen and his gang is only and only meaningful if they are being put in trial and sentenced along with his “Jehadi brothers”, Rabbani and Fahim & Co.

The above mentioned points indicate that still there are agents in Afghanistan and until and unless they are destroyed for ever, our people will never be able to see freedom after two decades of catastrophe and destruction, the RAWA said.

On the eve of Zahir Shah’s return to the country, “emir” Rabbani and his “boys” (See the killing of “Wasokht” by Jamiat boys Mujahid, 23rd of Dalu 1367), particularly his agent in France named Mihrabudeen Mastan, with the utmost impudence which rightly match their filthy nature, declared their opposition with the “restoration of monarchy”.

With this they, besides wearing coast and pantaloon and neck tie for the appeasing of West, “theoretically” also try to “approve” that they are “civilized” the ocras to the extent that even consider “monarchy” an archaic and outdated phenomenon! We say nothing in the rejection of these disgusting acts but just repeat our saying which we have stated years ago that Rabbani and his treacherous brothers “in command”, Gulbadeen, Sayyaf, Khalili and his neck tie wearing “boys” must know that our people even prefer the puppy of Zahir Shah over them.

Zahir Shah himself declared many times that he is not willing to restore monarchy.

However, suppose it happens, you criminals must remember that people will prefer it over your bloody, treacherous and corrupt “emirate” no matter even if your press agents, “Omid”, Laif Padram, Akram Usman Rahnaward Zaryab, etc. whitewash and gloss it to the core.

Our people consider their freedom from the filthy chains of fundamentalism and the reconstruction of Afghanistan over the graveyard of the Taliban and Northern Alliance hangmen the very primary and fundamental thing, so they never let the gloomy days of 27th and 28th of April to be repeated again.

The demonstrations and other actions of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) will be held not only in Pakistan and some Western countries but hopefully in many places in Afghanistan till the complete obliteration of the gloomy Gays of 27th and 28th of April.

The Statesman, April 29, 2002

RAWA for elections in Afghanistan

RAWALPINDI: Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) has called for deployment of UN forces and holding of elections in Afghanistan under the aegis of UN for restoration of democratic order and improvement in law and order situation in the country.

This was demanded in a protest rally taken out here under RAWA on Sunday at Committee Chowk, Murree Road. A sizeable number of Afghan women and children hailing from refuges camps at Quetta and Peshawar, Katcha Abadis and Afghanistan's major cities including Kabul, Kandahar and Takhar participated in the rally.

It originated from Committee Chowk and culminated at Mareer Chowk into a public meeting.

The procession led to disruption of traffic on Murree Road for about two hours. The district administration was not informed about the rally as no police contingents was seen anywhere till the conclusion of the demonstration. The women activists chanted slogans for the revival of democracy and freedom of Afghanistan.

Addressing the meeting, Chief Organizer RAWA, Nida Hamid condemned strongly the reign of terror let loose on the women folk in Afghanistan and vowed to continue the struggle for the protection of women rights and restoration of peace and tranquility in Afghanistan.

She alleged that the fundamentalists plunged the country into anarchy and disorder adding the Pakistan government was equally involved in their activities. However, the love and affection demonstrated by the people of Pakistan on Afghans was highly appreciable, she noted.

Coming hard on the seminaries activities she said that the students who were studying in religious Madaris in Pakistan and Afghanistan led to setting up of Taliban regime in Afghanistan and it is apprehended that they will also repeat his role for establishment of another Taliban government in Pakistan.

She went on to say that RAWA has cautioned Karzai interim government against the anti-Afghan activities of NA to keep him informed that if NA remains his ally, his government will lose its confidence very soon.

She said that Karzai government is left at the mercy of others to seek peace and stability adding that unless a single jihadi remains associated with Kabul government it will never secure stability and continue to remain under threat of failure.

The women inducted in the present Afghan regime are not true representatives of Afghan women rather they are serving as agents against the process of returning the country to a democratic dispensation, she noted. - Online

Report and photos of the rally was published almost in all Pakistani newspapers in Urdu, English and Pushtu.

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