UN rapporteur concern over extra-judicial killings in Afghanistan

NNI, May 17, 1999

ISLAMABAD (NNI): The special rapporteur of UN Human Right for Afghanistan, Dr. Kamal Hussain has expressed concern over extra-judicial killings in Afghanistan.

In an interview with the VOA, he said that he had earlier argued that arms were being sent to Afghanistan and the UN should stop it. He said that fighting was continuing in Bamyan which is a matter of concern for them. The human rights situation in Afghanistan, he said, cannot improve unless peace returns to the country.

He said that during his recent visit to Afghanistan he saw countless signs of war destruction. Kabul University, he said, has been ruined which shows the extent of destruction of Afghanisan.

Kamal said the war has left physical and psychological impacts on the Afghans. He said the country lacked economic order, government system, judicial organization and even police. He said he discussed a number of issues with the Taliban leaders, including the Fatwas regarding ban on women jobs and female education in Kabul.

He said that Taliban told him that they have lately introduced some exceptions in these restrictions, particularly with regard to widows because what will they do if they do not work. He said that he also discussed the issues of women health and women education and some other issues. Kamal said although he saw some lady doctors at a hospital but they seemed very disgruntled.

The UN envoy said he would discuss the issue of Islamic punishments with the Taliban during his visit to the war-ravaged country adding punishments like lashing and flogging might be allowed under the Shariah but they should be viewed with reference to human rights. These are very harsh punishments and though the Shariah prescribes them but also lays serious conditions for awarding them.

Kamal Hussain said he intends to visit Kandahar and Herat provinces of Afghanistan to hold talks not only with Taliban but also with other groups, so that he may be able to formulate his recommendations for improving the human rights situation in the country.

He urged the rival factions to strengthen the process of peace and reconciliation because the life of common people, who are the innocent victim of war, can never improve. He said the people were facing poverty and other problem.

Dr. Kamal Hussain said peace process should be initiated with the help of the United Nations and the neighbouring countries to end the miseries of the Afghan people.

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