Photos of the function

RAWA marked International Women's Day at Peshawar

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) celebrated the 8th of March International Women's Day to divert the attention of the international community towards the ongoing war and atrocities against people especially women in Afghanistan.

The function was arranged at Peshawar on Sunday afternoon which was attended by more than 700 women and men.

a scene of the function The five hour long function was addressed by Abid Hassan Minto, President of Pakistan Awami Party and Supreme Court Bar Association, Afzal Khamosh, a leader of Communist Mazdoor Kisan Party of Pakistan, Shamim Shahid, bureau chief of Daily The Nation, Rahim Tahir of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Shiraz Paracha, Jamila Habib and Atifa Zafar of RAWA and other speakers. Messages of Saeeda Abida Hussian Fedral Minister of Population Welfare and Science and Technology (chief guest) and Tahira Mazhar Ali who couldn't attend the function also were read out. Children from the schools of RAWA presented some anthems and songs condemning the brutalities of the fundamentalists against Afghan women. Also at the end of the function a play was presented showed the situation of the people particularly women under the domination of Taliban which attracted the attention of the participants.

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