The Taliban, another dagger in the flank of the people of Afghanistan!

Victory to the liberation struggle of the people of Afghanistan against fundamentalist fascism!

Photo of the demoOn the morning of April 28, 1998, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) staged a demonstration in Peshawar under the slogan "8th Saur (April 28) more odious than 7th Saur (April 27)!" to expose Jihadis and the Taliban who with their blood-drenched domination have unleashed an unprecedented reign of terror and savagery on the people of Afghanistan in general and on women in particular.

A photo of the demo"With the fall of the Soviet-installed puppet regime, Jihadi fundamentalists and remnants of Russian myrmidons who had metamorphosed into Dostum's militiamen fell on the lives, honour and property of the people of Afghanistan with such ferocity that, figuratively speaking, the smoke of the conflagration rose above the throne of God.

Taliban attacking RAWA demoNot surprisingly, after two hours' march there was an attack on the demonstrators by a group of talibs from a nearby religious madrassa. These insane fanatics had sticks and clubs in their hands and set on RAWA demonstrators with the vilest invectives which could vie in foulness with the vituperative outpourings of the likes of Ishaq Negargar and Nabi Mesdaq.

Photos of the demo