RAWA's press release on the 14th martyrdom anniversary of Meena

RAWA wants judicial action against Meena's murderers

14 years ago, the agents of KHAD (Afghanistan branch of KGB) with the help of the henchmen of Gulbaddin Hekmatyar terrorist gang deprived RAWA of its leader and founder, Meena and her aids. Her martyrdom counted a great blow for women, but her blood inspired thousands of her followers to be more adamant in their struggle against the roguish fundamentalists.

The murderers of Meena after confessing everything to the Pakistan Police, the judiciary authorities of Pakistan headed by Anayat-ullah Kansi violated the basic judicial law and acquitted the murderers. But RAWA's perseverance with the support of its supporters in Pakistan and other countries induced the concerned authority to revive the case and as a result the Pakistan High Court sentenced the murderers to life imprisonment. Despite presenting the case to the Supreme Court, the desire of RAWA of giving the severest punishment to the murderers has not yet been fulfilled.

1- Right at the very instance of the resistance war Meena predicted that compared to Khalqi and Parchami sold-out Russian stooges the fundamentalists will prove to be a far deadlier and much more poisonous dagger stabbing deep into the vitals of our mortally wounded nation and eventually would drive our nation down a road to disaster once they snatched power. The heinous crimes and the reign of terror they have set up in the last 8 years are a true picture of a reality that can't be found in any annuals of Afghanistan's history.

2- The fanning of ethnic, tribal and linguistic antagonisms between the people by the Taliban and Jihadis is a part of their anti-people policies. Which try to slash, hack and hew at the Afghan people's political, social, economic, material and spiritual identity and existence and to sow the seed of hostility among our people who have lived in harmony for centuries.

3- Despite the glaring grim of the fundamentalists tyranny rule, some faint-hearted and worshipping intellectuals who once sang and danced for their Khalqi and Purchami bosses, have now become the political mouthpieces of the Taliban and Jihadies. Such intellectuals are despised by our people as traitors that conceal the reality and remain mute about all the miseries that grip their country.

4- The previous and the fresh UN-imposed biased sanctions which supposedly have been imposed on the Taliban make the lives of our people more difficult; while at the same time have no real effect on the Taliban who are rolling in dollars and pounds. The exemption of Jehadis from the sanction ensures that the flames of the fighting remain alight.

5- Pakistan as the country that is influencing the situation in Afghanistan uses it to its full advantage by fueling openly the Taliban. They must be aware of this fact: that the domination of murderers, stooges and enemies of democracy and women's rights cannot endure long and eventually the fate of the Taliban will be no better than that of the defunct Parchami and Khalqi. Gen. Parviz Musharaf, who after snatching power slammed the previous politicians of misusing power for their political whims, but never unfolded the fact that lackeys like Gulbaddin, Rabbani and Sayyaf have been nourished by the financial, military and political aid of the former governments of Pakistan. Gen. Parviz Musharaf must keep in mind that if steps are not taken to block the Taliban and Jihadis, the entire region and particularly Pakistan will be dragged deeper and deeper into the vertex of communal and sectarian war.

6- The security agencies of Pakistan instead of arresting the Jehadis and Taliban terrorists and smugglers who are trafficking heroin and weapons across the border, pursue RAWA's members who are engaged in humanitarian and democratic activities in Pakistan. According to Pakistan intelligence all the papers and organizations that have recently been created in Peshawar are just to stand against RAWA and don't have any practical existence.

7- As time has witnessed RAWA has never partaken in any action against the constitutional law of Pakistan but the crazy Afghani and Pakistani fundamentalists are attacking its peaceful demonstration and moreover the Police have been seen as mere spectators. Such notorious elements, who lack logic to object to RAWA's stands, resort to violence and false accusation.

8- Zahir Shah's diplomatic peace-brokering efforts would be in vain unless having the cooperation of women, and in addition the presence of some doubtful elements and their compromising and capitulating attitude toward Taliban and Jehadis make such initiatives questionable. Moreover the issue of peace in Afghanistan has become so ridiculous that terrorists like Humayon Jarir, mercenary of Islamic regime of Iran, airs windfall peace propaganda from Cyprus. Such terrorist must be trailed first then let to talk about peace.

RAWA, while celebrating the anniversary of the death of its leader, calls upon all its supporters in Pakistan and other countries and from Pakistan judiciary and "Supreme Court" to not let agents like Anayat Kansi repeat such action again. Despite being under attack and the target of despicable slander by fundamentalists and their cowardly supporters from all quarters, RAWA will continue to stalwartly shoulder to the very end the banner crimsoned by the blood of its leader.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

4th Feb. 2001

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

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